How To Choose A Bankruptcy Attorney In Atlanta

If you live in Atlanta and filing for bankruptcy, then the first thing is to choose the bankruptcy attorney that’s the best fit for you. Here are a few tips when you’re looking for bankruptcy lawyers Atlanta for help.

Find an experience bankruptcy attorney – experience is very important. Make sure to choose one that has over 2 years of experience and specializes in bankruptcy. Don’t settle a “jack of all trades” in the law field. It can make a huge difference in the outcome.

Find one that offers free consultation – With a free consultation, you can get a feel for him/her before you decide on which lawyer to present you. At the same time, you’re in a financial crisis so anything that is free is good.

Do research on your lawyer – Spend some time to do research on your lawyer or law firm after you had a chance to meet him/her in person. Find out if there are any complaints or testimonials they have. Online is the most convenient way to do this. Also to research for how many success or failed cases they have had.

The Value and Importance of LED Trailer Lights

Safety is such a big concern when driving semi trucks and trailers. The main truck part that allows drivers near you to remain at a safe distance is your semi truck parts led trailer lights. This will allow others to see that you’re a truck and not a big tree. If a tree is knocked over, then a Atlanta tree service will be required and you’d be responsible for the cost of the damage. Led trailer lights are most ideal to see things clearly and won’t mistaken a truck for a tree.

By law, semi trucks are required to have proper lighting and markings on both the truck and the trailer. The marker and clearance lights help ensure one’s truck is easily seen by drivers at various angles.

LED lights are brighter and more energy efficient than standard lights, making them popular and more desirable due to their long term money savings and the safety benefits they offer.

The color of trailer lights have different meanings:

Red Lights
Trailer’s must have at least two red lights positioned on either side of the rear of the trailer. Red trailer lights signal the direction of travel by blinking while the vehicle’s turn signal is activate. They also signify braking; both rear red trailer lights will light up when the brakes are applied.

Orange Lights
Orange trailer lights are known as marker lights. They provide an indicator of the size of the trailer. Trailers mush have a minimum of one orange marker light on each corner. Orange marker lights light up with a solid color.

White Lights
White lights indicate that a trailer is moving in reverse. Generally they are installed inside or next to the rear brake / signal lights. While not required on a trailer, reverse lights are a smart addition to one’s trailer as they notify pedestrians and drivers that the trailer is backing up.

The Department of Transportation has specific requirements for semi trailer lighting, but see the condensed summary below:

New trailers are manufactured to DOT specifications, but some smaller kits and pre-fabrication packages may require installation of additional lights to meet the DOT’s requirements.

Physical Installation
All of the lamps and lights installed need to be attached permanently to the trailer. They must also be consistent with the DOT’s lighting and reflection requirements. They must line up at 180 degree and a 90 degree angles as specified by the DOT. The only allowable exceptions are those designs specially allowed by the government to work at an angle. Additionally, no parts of the trailer or vehicle are allowed to keep the signals from working or to block them from other drivers’ line of sight.

Wear and Tear
As many trailer lights are exposed to the elements, they are open to the risk of damage. Often the wiring for trailer lights runs underneath the trailer. Road debris and stones constantly bounce up from the road. Over time, an open spot in unprotected wiring insulation will wear down, causing intermittent shorts in the signal. Eventually, the wire will short completely or the light won’t work at all.

The Benefits of LED Lights for Your Trailer
LED trailer lights offer two benefits.

First, they are brighter than standard lights. Brighter lights mean that other drivers on the road are less likely to miss your break lights, turn signal, or reverse indicator.

Second, LED lights last much, much longer than standard lights. While the initial cost of an LED light may be higher than a standard bulb, that price difference will be more than recouped through the lack of need for replacements.

Towing a trailer shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are federal requirements to which drivers must adhere and the safety of you, your cargo, and other drivers on the road all depend on your lights working properly. Keep your trailer lights up to specifications, in working condition, and bright enough to ensure your safety.